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  • Scent-A-Way Bio-Strike Odorless Spray

    Scent-A-Way Bio-Strike Odorless Spray

    Scent-A-Way® Bio-Strike® Odor Control Spray is a patented formula that is third-party lab proven to be twice as effective as any other hunting scent elimination formula available. Scent-A-Way® Bio-Strike® uses Nanoshield technology to increase molecular...

  • Scent-A-Way® Max Field Wipes

    Scent-A-Way® Max Field Wipes

    Scent-A-Way® MAX Field Wipes feature aloe vera and vitamin E to prevent skin tightness, drying, and stinging. They’re alcohol-free and have a proprietary enzymatic odor elimination formulation to attack and eliminate human and environmental odors in...

  • Dead Down Wind™ Dryer Sheets 15pk

    Dead Down Wind™ Dryer Sheets 15pk

    DEAD DOWN WIND SCENTPREVENT TECHNOLOGY: Dead Down Wind’s Laundry Detergent features the Enzyme ScentPreven Technology. The formula contains no biocides and is gentle on humans and the environment. NATURAL WOODS: These odorless sheets are great for...

  • Scent-A-Way MAX Wash Towels

    Scent-A-Way MAX Wash Towels

    Scent-A-Way® Max Wash Towels make it easy to prevent and control odors in the field. They cleanse and deodorize when soap and water are not available, while soothing skin with aloe vera and Vitamin E. Environmentally friendly. Pack includes twelve 10” x...

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