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  • 8" ION® R1

    8" ION® R1

    The 8” ION R1 utilizes a powerful 5Ah Gen 1 battery, paired with a specially designed motor to deliver optimal power and performance. In fact, ION R1 adds up to 35% more power and significant speed upgrades over previous Gen 1 ION Augers, making it one...

  • ION 8" Power Auger with 4 AMP Gen 1 Battery

    ION 8" Power Auger with 4 AMP Gen 1 Battery

    ION gives you big time 40V power and performance, with none of the hassles of gas or propane. ION is powerful, fast, and re-drills old holes in a smooth and controlled way, making this the perfect auger for a wheelhouse or hole hopping. The 8-inch ION...

  • ION R1 10" Auger

    ION R1 10" Auger

    If you like chasing big fish, the 40V ION R1 is one of the most user friendly 10” augers on the market. The 5Ah battery, paired with specially engineered motor that maximizes speed and efficiency, make this auger perfect for the angler that enjoys hole...

  • Eskimo 8" Hand Auger Blade

    Eskimo 8" Hand Auger Blade

    Stainless steel construction and designed to durably hold their edge, these 8” dual flat blades are made to pair with 8” Eskimo hand augers, or the 8” Eskimo Pistol Bit.

  • Eskimo HD08 Hand Auger 8"

    Eskimo HD08 Hand Auger 8"

    For early or late season ice anglers, Eskimo Hand Augers are great travel companions. The Eskimo 8-Inch Hand Auger cuts clean fishing holes. With a cross-bolt takedown system, pommel handle and dual-flat blades, Eskimo Hand Augers are designed for a long...

  • Ion 24" Auger Extension

    Ion 24" Auger Extension

    ION auger extensions gain drilling depth in thick ice conditions. This extension is fully-welded steel and includes ION green powder-coat paint finish, which is proven to be the most durable in the industry. Extremely durable and easy connection ION...

  • ION® Auger Replacement Blades - 8"

    ION® Auger Replacement Blades - 8"

    The Straight Through™ blade design of ION virtually eliminates catching at break-through saving you from jarring stops or yanks. You get a smooth break-through and no jagged ice at the bottom of the hole that can fray line and cost you a big fish...

  • Eskimo P1 Rocket Propane Auger - 8"

    Eskimo P1 Rocket Propane Auger - 8"

    Welcome to the new generation of high-compression, propane-powered ice augers. As the innovators of the first ice auger engine designed specifically to harness the full potential of propane, we had a great platform to build from. We paired our...

  • Siberian Tiger Premium Ice Auger Kit 8"

    Siberian Tiger Premium Ice Auger Kit 8"

    Auger flighting coated with an ice resistance non-stick finish• Kit comes complete with adjustable handle, auger, 22” extension bar and ultra-smooth drill adapter• Superior steel construction holds up against harsh weather• Adjustable telescopic handle...

  • K-Drill Clam Adaptor

    K-Drill Clam Adaptor

    Easily attaches to the K-Drill and the Clam Conversion Kit/Drill Plate This adapter will work to adapt the Clam Conversion Kit with most standard power auger bits Side A of the adapter in the photo attaches to the drill plate shaft, Side B of the auger...

  • Auger Extension

    Auger Extension

      - Adds length to your K-Drill Ice Auger System. In conditions of thick ice, be sure to clear the hole of of ice several times to assure excess ice shavings do not build-up in the hole which will bind the auger and make it hard to lift out once the...

    $79.99 - $104.99
  • Auger Drill Plate

    Auger Drill Plate

    Arguably one of the most innovative ice products of the past decade, the Auger Conversion Kit lets you turn a household cordless drill into an ice hole-drilling machine! Using battery power, the Clam Conversion Kit makes drilling holes simple and...

  • K-Drill Ice Auger

    K-Drill Ice Auger

      The K-Drill Ice Auger System is designed specifically for modern high powered, brush-less hand-held cordless electric drills. It drills fast and makes for a very lightweight ice auger system. And the super-efficient chipper blade design ensures...

    $256.10 - $389.99
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