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  • Catch and Cook Spice

    Catch and Cook Spice

    Our collection of spices has been selected and developed to bring a diversity of flavours to your wild dishes and to enhance your cooking experience.  All Terrain, a zesty and spicy chipotle seasons that we enjoy on darn near everything.  Campfire, a...

  • Catch and Cook Fish & Game Coating Crunchy Catch and Cook Fish & Game Coating Spicy Catch and Cook Fish & Game Coating Beer Batter

    Catch and Cook Fish & Game Coating

    Catch and Cook is the perfect marriage between what a chef and a guide want to eat and serve their guests. Blending the perfect mixture of spices and flours, just like a chef would do in their own kitchen. The Catch and Cook batter mixture has been...

  • Breading and Batter Mix

    Breading and Batter Mix

    Using Canadian Fisherman's Original Breading and Batter Mix is one of the best ways to prepare and cook your fresh catch! Canadian Fisherman's Breading and Batter Mix has everything included - simply add water. Comes in a convenient waterproof and...

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